Famous People Who Filed Bankruptcy

The attorneys at John Dezenberg, respect that the decision to file Bankruptcy can be a difficult and stressful one. Knowing that many famous people have had to file Bankruptcy may help us all realize that circumstances beyond our control can lead to having to seek help from the Bankruptcy Courts. The following is a list of famous people who have had to file Bankruptcy:


Thomas Jefferson – Our 3rd President

Abraham Lincoln – Our 16th President (Filed Twice)

Ulysses S. Grant – Our 18th President

William McKinley – Our 25th President


Benedict Arnold

John Connally – Former Governor Of Texas

George McGovern

J. Fife Symington – Governor of Arizona

Daniel Webster – U.S. Secretary of State

Hollywood Stars

Stephen Baldwin

Kim Basinger

Gary Busey

Nicholas Cage

Francis Ford Coppola

Morton Downey Jr. (Filed Five Times)

Randy Quaid

Burt Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds

Mickey Rooney

John Wayne – The Duke

Television Stars

Lorraine Bracco – “Sopranos” Psychotherapist

Gary Coleman

Donna D’Errico – Baywatch

Redd Foxx – Sanford & Son

Sherman Hemsley – “George Jefferson”

Don Johnson

Larry King


P.T. Barnum – Founder of Barnum & Bailey Circus

Buffalo Bill

Janice Dickinson – First Supermodel

Walt Disney

Heidi Fleiss – The Hollywood Madam

Jackie Mason

Sinbad – Filed Twice

Anna Nicole Smith

Sports Figures

Bjorn Borg – Tennis Player

Jose Conseco – MLB Baseball Player

George Foreman – Prior to the George Foreman Grill, Obviously.

Dorothy Hamill – Olympic Skater

Joe Lewis – Boxer

Terrell Owens – NFL Football Player

Warren Sapp – NFL Football Player

Curt Schilling – MLB Player

Leon Spinks – Boxer

Lawrence Taylor – NFL Football Great

Mike Tyson – Boxer

Johnny Unitas – Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback


50 Cent

Toni Braxton

David Crosby – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Mick Fleetwood – Drummer for Fleetwood Mac

Marvin Gaye

Merle Haggard

M.C. Hammer

Isaac Hayes

Latoya Jackson

Michael Jackson – The King Of Pop

Elton John

Chaka Khan

Cindy Lauper

Jerry Lee Lewis – “The Killer”

Meat Loaf

Vince Neil – Lead Singer for Motley Crue

Willie Nelson

Wayne Newton

Ted Nugent

Tom Petty

Tammy Wynette


Stan Lee – Creator of Spiderman and other comics.

Mark Twain

Oscar Wilde

Unexpected Filers

Walt Disney – We know he is already on the list but really?

William C. Durant – Founder of General Motors and Chevrolet

Henry Ford – Ford Motor Company

William Fox – Founder of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Bob Guccione – Founder of Penthouse Magazine

Henry John Heinz – Heinz Ketchup

Milton Hershey – Hershey’s Chocolate

J.C. Penney – Founder of J.C. Penney’s Stores

Clarence Sanders – Founder of Piggly Wiggly Stores

Donald Trump (Corporate Filings on Four Occasions)

Dave Ramsey – Noted Financial Advisor, Author and Speaker

Gloria Vanderbilt

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