Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Can Provide The Fresh Start You Need

If you need a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, take advantage of our “$5 To Open A File” offer. You can open a file with our office for only $5! The money paid is completely refundable (as are all payments made to our office up until the time a Bankruptcy is filed). Opening a file allows you to have creditors call us to verify that you are working on getting a Bankruptcy filed. Of course, the Bankruptcy Courts require that before a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is filed all of the attorney fees and court costs have to be paid. But opening a file can provide some relief from creditors while you are getting the rest of your money together to file.

For individuals who are buried under debt and creditor harassment, Chapter 7 bankruptcy often provides the rescue that they have hoped for. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or liquidation bankruptcy, allows the debtor to discharge all unsecured debt automatically. This includes medical billscredit card debt and some personal loans. Secured debt can either be reaffirmed (an agreement to continue to pay such debt) or the secured item can be surrendered and the debt discharged. Most clients in Chapter 7 choose to continue to pay for their home and vehicles, although for some, surrendering the item and losing the debt can be an effective strategy for lowering their debt obligations and balancing their budget.

As soon as bankruptcy is filed, even if it is not completed, the court puts an automatic stop to all creditor contact, including harassment and phone calls. Any garnishments will also be stopped as soon as bankruptcy is filed.

Prioritizing Your Best Interests Both Now And In The Future

At Dezenberg & Smith, our attorneys guide you to the solution that is best for you. We look at your circumstances and situation, reviewing all of the options available to you. If bankruptcy is not in your best interests and there is a way to avoid it, our lawyers will guide you to the solutions that better suit your needs, both now and in the future.

We are completely honest with each client, keeping his or her best interests the priority.

If bankruptcy is the best option for you, we will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. We will also help you assess what went wrong to lead you to bankruptcy. From there our lawyers can help you understand what you can change in the future through credit rebuilding and to avoid future financial struggles.

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