Prevent Foreclosure

How Bankruptcy Can Prevent Foreclosure

Have you been threatened with foreclosure? We may be able to help you keep your house. At Dezenberg & Smith, Attorneys At Law, our attorneys have spent the last 40-plus combined years fighting foreclosure and helping families stay in their homes. Our services are available to people in Huntsville and the surrounding parts of Alabama.

Bankruptcy Stops Foreclosure Now

People typically consider bankruptcy the last resort. They try everything else they can think of to catch up on their mortgage payments and prevent foreclosure. While we understand that you may not be eager to file bankruptcy, we encourage you to discuss your case with our attorneys as soon as possible. We will not push you into bankruptcy. We will review all available options and only suggest bankruptcy if it is truly right for you.

The sooner you get in touch with us, the more options we may be able to find for you. However, if it is down to the wire and your house is going to be taken away from you in a matter of days, you should still contact us. We will take immediate action and do an emergency bankruptcy filing if necessary to stop the foreclosure process.

Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13?

We will have an honest conversation with you about your options. Will you be able to manage your home payments if other debt is eliminated? Are your house payments realistic for your budget? We will review your situation and help you determine the type of bankruptcy that is most appropriate based on your goals. If keeping your home is possible, we can help you do it.

Free Advice About Foreclosure Prevention

Call 256-533-5097 or send an email to schedule a free consultation.

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