Prevent Wage Garnishment

Prevent Creditor Lawsuits And Wage Garnishment

Here’s how the process works: A creditor attempts to collect. When it fails, it may file a lawsuit. The debtor may get the notice that he or she is being sued, but not knowing what to do might just ignore it. The lawsuit goes to court. A judgment is issued in favor of the creditor against the debtor. The creditor then gets the right to collect through wage garnishment. Did you know that you can stop this process at any point by filing for bankruptcy? Dezenberg & Smith, Attorneys At Law, can help, even if your wages are being garnished already.

How Filing For Bankruptcy Can Help

The attorneys at Dezenberg & Smith have more than 40 years of combined experience helping people like you in Huntsville and the surrounding parts of Alabama prevent creditor lawsuits and prevent wage garnishment. We understand how serious the threat of wage garnishment can be. After all, if you are already struggling to pay off what you owe and still make ends meet, matters will be even more challenging if a big chunk is taken out of your paycheck before you even get it.

Thankfully, when you file for bankruptcy, all creditor actions are forced to stop immediately. Maybe the creditor has merely threatened a lawsuit. Maybe the lawsuit is already in progress. Maybe a judgment has been issued. Maybe your wages are already being garnished. Whatever the case may be, it has to halt immediately. Contact us now and we may be able to get it to stop before your next paycheck.

Free Advice About Preventing Paycheck Garnishment

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