Can creditors stop a discharge of your debts in bankruptcy?

Some people’s debts reach such a high level that they can’t envision paying them off within a reasonable amount of time, if ever. Those who find themselves in that situation often have to endure non-stop calls from creditors. Foreclosure proceedings, repossessions and other aggressive collection efforts may get underway as well. Debt collectors are legally

You have to act quickly to protect a vehicle from repossession

Financing a vehicle purchase is a common practice. Most Americans don’t have enough in their savings accounts to simply buy a new vehicle after a car accident or when their older vehicle develops mechanical issues. Many people trade in their existing vehicle and finance the purchase of their next vehicle. Accessible financing means you won’t

The relationship between health, debt and bankruptcy

Sometimes we find ourselves in a negative downward spiral. Financial problems can lead to health problems, and health problems can then lead to more financial problems. Every situation is unique, but bankruptcy has been a solution that has brought financial relief for many caught in this situation. A study by the National Institute for Health

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