What constitutes debt collector harassment/abuse?

Most creditors work with debt collection agencies/individuals (debt collectors) to collect customers’ debts. Debt collectors are required by law to observe fair practices. They should not harass, oppress or abuse you. This guide discusses what constitutes debt collector harassment or abuse: Repetitive phone calls A debt collector can call to remind you to pay your debt

The High Cost Of Ignoring Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is a common financial burden that can quickly spiral out of control if not managed effectively. Ignoring this debt can have severe consequences, impacting your credit score, financial stability and overall well-being. Below are some of the hidden dangers of ignoring credit card debt: Debilitating interest rates: When credit card debt is left

Credit card debt solutions often do more harm than good

Credit card debt is a major concern for many American households. Especially after the holiday season or major unexpected expenses, even the minimum monthly payment due on a credit card balance may strain a household’s budget. People may see few options for paying down their balances and regaining control over their debt. Unfortunately, there are

Looking for help with credit card debt? Beware of these red flags

When you have bills stacking up and a lot of overdue bills, it’s easy to start feeling pretty anxious. The constant collection calls, increasingly insistent letters and other contacts from your creditors can make you desperate for a solution. That’s exactly what some debt relief companies are counting on. While there are many genuine debt

3 steps toward repairing your credit after a bankruptcy filing

A successful bankruptcy filing can benefit an individual in numerous ways. The automatic stay will stop pending lawsuits, repossession efforts and other collection activity. The eventual discharge of your unsecured debts will prevent future collection efforts on those debts. The trade-off for those benefits is that filing for bankruptcy will drag down your credit score

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