Credit card debt doesn’t have to cripple you

Credit cards are a handy financial tool as long as they’re used properly. You should ensure that you’re able to make the monthly payment when you charge things. Unfortunately, you can’t see into the future, so you never know what’s going to happen.

For some people, an unforeseeable event leads to their not being able to pay their bills. This might be a medical issue or the loss of a job. In those times, the need to charge things on the credit card, coupled with the loss of income, can spell disaster.

Changes in credit card usage

There are many things that have changed in credit card usage lately. There’s been an uptick in Americans who pay their credit card balance in full each month. The number of dormant credit card accounts rose recently, while the number of people who carry a balance and pay interest fell.

With the wavering economy, it’s best to try to keep track of your credit card debt. If you have to use it and fall behind on the payments, be sure that you explore your options right away. Facing lawsuits and similar legal action is very challenging and stressful, so you should try to avoid allowing either of those to happen.

Some people who have 

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