How could bankruptcy improve your health?

Waking up each morning worried about how you will meet your credit card payments is not much fun and can soon start to get you down. The same applies to any other debts you may be struggling to meet. The actions of creditors or debt agencies can worsen things.

Don’t slap yourself in the face and tell yourself to get a grip. Your feelings are valid, and there is scientific evidence to back that up.

Debt is proven to be bad for your mental health

Research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham found a clear link between being in debt and feeling anxious, depressed or angry (or all three at once).

How can your bank balance affect your brain?

Worrying about how you will pay your debts is stressful, especially when you know that however hard and long you think, there is no realistic chance you will come up with a solution.

It’s well known that stress can affect your brain and body. A small dose of stress can be positive, spurring you into action to do something, but once it becomes too much to handle (due to the amount of it or its constancy), it becomes harmful.

How can bankruptcy help

Taking away the root cause of your problems (your debts) removes the stressor. It frees your mind to focus on more positive things, and that should see the depression, anxiety and anger dissipate.

If you could do with the relief that bankruptcy brings, consider legal help to find out more. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can achieve a healthier future.

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